Web designs trends we can expect to see in 2023.

Let’s see the web design trends heading to us in 2023.

In 2023, you may find that we begin to crake cues from print media and other classic art forms. The use of full-page headers which we have come to love may start to be a thing of the past. People are beginning to look to illustrations to bring their company’s image and website to life.

The new modern website is stripping bak, opting to focus on meaningful white space, allowing messaging to breathe.

In 2023, we will see the implementation of entertaining cursors, which have animations which are cursor triggered. A big thing for the upcoming web space is keeping it human-centred design.

Modern websites will increasingly rely on their mobile version being 100% responsive and taking the mobile-first approach. As desktop starts to slowly decline in users, you should be thinking about your mobile approach with our website. A big emphasis on UI and UX working together in perfect harmony can be expected, so you should start to think about how your business is seen by mobile users.

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Custom Illustrations

Illustration has always been a really good way to bring anything to life, and your website is no exception. We are seeing a lot of people take cues from classic art forms, which we are here for. We love that traditional methods of illustration are making a comeback. This is largely a trend down to the economical shift we have seen of things becoming more natural and human-centred.

Take a look at the work of famous artist Alice Lee, for example. The initial imagery is hand-drawn and is a lovely put-together piece. the added animation also makes it stand out.

The header of her website moves with your cursor.

People have started to switch the stock imagery route and have opted for more of a hand-drawn and bespoke approach.

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When your creative graphics speak to your business’s style, they not only make your brand distinctive but also raise brand recognition.

With programmes such as Procreate, the hand-drawn illustration route has now gone digital and made it easier and more accessible for people who want to commission a piece of this nature. Users can now have a fully immersive experience online whilst the hand-drawn and created element remains.

Full Page Header

In 2023, the current web design will favour full-page headers.

There are a variety of ways to design a header, but a common approach includes placing important text or call-to-action buttons to the left of the header and using eye-catching graphics to the right of those buttons. The reason for this is that visitors prefer to spend most of their attention on the top-left portion of your page.

Parallax Scrolling

Another 2023 web design trend is the use of parallax scrolling. While scrolling, you’ll see more of the site being revealed, making it seem like the site is trying to tell you something.

The first time we noticed this being used was with Apple, when scrolling, more information about the different products was unveiled. 

Another perfect example of this is the Goonie’s tale site, you can observe how parallax scrolling makes the content exciting and engaging by taking a brief look. It is like you have emerged straight into the world and the illustrations. A nice site.

Dynamic scrolling is another way to include background video into a user’s experience, so they can freely move around still to other bits of content without having to stay in one place to watch the video.

Make your photographs look as if they were created magically by using this approach to set off animations.

White space over all.

Modern websites are returning to simplicity, with an emphasis on meaningful white space. When done correctly, white space establishes a visual hierarchy. This then allows your user to make the most out of your content.

Defining linkages between page components also helps with understanding. With minimal white space between two components, the human eye sees them as a single entity.
On the other hand, your eyes will see two things as distinct if they are separated by a greater distance.

The use of white space on your website makes it easier for users to discern the structure of your content.